Create New Collection

Collections help you organize different designs for your reference. For example, you can have different collections for different design types whether by page type, by CMS, or by industry.

You have two options to create a new collection.

When You See a Design

When you see a design, click on the Save button available below the design picture. Crayon shows you an option to add it to a collection. if you click on a design, the Save option is available in the right sidebar.

In the list of collections, select Create New to create a new collection. After you write its name, there is an option to mark it Private or Public.

Click on Save to save the new collection and this design is added to this collection.

Profile Page

Click on My Collections link available in the top right side. You can see an option to create a new collection, and a list of collections that you have created earlier. Click on Create New Collection button, as below.

Write down the name of new collection. Click on Save to save the collection.

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