See Summary of Your Trip

After selecting destination country and its places to visit, the message appears that your trip details are getting loaded and the page appears as below.

This page is divided into different sections:

  • Timeline
  • Details of specific day
  • See Map View
  • Share Trip on Facebook
  • See Activities
  • Plan a Budget


  • Transport Mode: Select the mode through which you want to travel to your destination trip
  • See Name of Country that you are planning to visit
  • Number of Days
  • Number of activities that you have planned on particular day
  • Click on plus icon to add more days to your trip and the day number will add automatically
  • Select the day number and select the activities that you want to do on selected day number.

  • In Activities section available at right side bar, select one or more activities. All the selected activities will be added to the selected day number.

Place the mouse pointer on each place and there are different options available as below.

  • Click on comment icon and you can write a comment for the corresponding place.
  • Click on Info link and the window appears where you can see the full description, map view and gallery.
  • Click on Delete link, if you want to delete the corresponding place from your day activities.

You can also see these places in a map view as below.


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