Schedule an Appointment

Client can schedule an appointment only if your status is shown as Available. Client needs to perform following steps to schedule an appointment:

Click on Available button available at bottom right side of the screen.

The Available button is automatically changed to Click To Schedule. Client can also see the message, if any specified by you. Please see Set the status for an appointment section.

Click on Click To Schedule button and the pop window appears as below.

  1. The Select a day section appears. In Calendar, client needs to select a day to schedule an appointment with you. All days that shown in bold are available for scheduling an appointment.
  2. The Select a time section appears. Client can see the date that one has selected in previous step. There are different time ranges available. Select a time range such as 2:00 to 2:45, 2:45 to 3:30 and so on.

Click on Next button. Write the message such as purpose of an appointment.

Click on Next button. Write the contact info such as name and email ID for whom appointment has been scheduled. You will get an email as below.

To accept the appointment, you need to reply to email. In an email, you can see following details.

  • The date and time for which client wants to book an appointment
  • Message

Click on Finish. The message appears that information has been sent successfully. If the appointment will be approved, client will receive a confirmation email.

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