Add New Ticket

Select an account for which you want to add a new ticket. In the left sidebar, the Tickets option is selected by default.

Click on New Ticket button available at the top right side of the page.


As you click on New Ticket button, the Create New Ticket, window appears.


You need to add following details of ticket.

  • Add subject of the ticket
  • Add details of the ticket
  • Click on Attach files link, if you want to attach any file with the ticket. Locate the file from your system and the file is uploaded. You can also drag the file and drop it into drop zone.

Click on Save Ticket button and the ticket is added.

When the ticket is added, you can see the following details of ticket.

  • Subject of ticket
  • The name of user who created the ticket
  • The date and time when ticket was added
  • The serial number of the corresponding ticket
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