Create New Trip

You can add one or more trips to your account. Click on My Trips link and the My Trips page appears.

The list of different destinations will appear, if already added to Globewhere.

Click on New Trip button as below.

The page appears as below.

In Your Travel Starts Here field, write the country name where you want to plan your trip. The list of countries will be populated automatically.

Select the required country name and you can see the selected country name. Click on additional icon to add more destinations as below.

Click on Let’s Go button. The page appears where you can see the list of all places of the selected destination.


For example, if you have selected London, the list of different places to visit in London will appear such as National Portrait Gallery, Tate Gallery and so on.

When you place the mouse pointer on any picture of place, the two icons will appear. 

Click on first icon to see detailed information about the place. The window appears as below.

You can see the full description about the place.

Click on Map option to see the place in a map view.

Click on Gallery option to see the photos of specific place.


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