Use Filters

There are different types of filters available to search the required design.

  • Page Type: You can search for different page types such as home page, landing page, pricing page, and team page.
  • Industry: You can search for different industries such as B2B services, software, marketing, consumer goods, and biotech.
  • CMS: You can search for different CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, and Weebly.
  • Traffic Level: You can search by different levels of traffic such as high, medium, low and wicked high.

The above filters and some of their internal options are available at top navigation also.


When you select one or more filters to search the required design, you can see that the filter names are added as below. The search results are available at the main right side area as below.


Click on  to delete the filter or if you do not want to use that filter.

You can use multiple filters to search specific designs. To save your search result or selected designs, you can use Collections.

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