Add Stamps to Other Users' Collections

When you see your stamp, you can add it to other users collection. On the details page of stamp, you can see the plus icon available at bottom right side of the screen as below.

The right sidebar automatically expands and you can different sections as Recent Collections and Trending Collections. These sections contain different collections that are created by other Stampsy users.

Click on Submit button available in a collection where you want to add your stamp. The message appears that stamp has been submitted to the collection owner for approval, as below.


The owner of that collection receives a notification that you have submitted a stamp for the collection.


The collection owner needs to click on Review Submission button to review the stamp. The details page of stamp appears, as below.

The owner can:

  • Click on Accept green icon, to accept the stamp.
  • Click on Decline Red icon, to decline the stamp.

Depending on the above action, the submission form appears at the right side.

The owner can write a message for you, such as a thank you note. A click on Accept button confirms it and the owner can now see your stamp in the collection. Owner also sees all such stamps in one's Submissions list.

You receive the notification that the collection owner has accepted your stamp for collection as below.


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