Stamp New Document

After you login to your Stampery account, the home page appears as below.

Click on the plus icon available at top left side of the screen. Select the file from your system. The File upload window appears as below.

You can see the name of file that you want to upload.

Write the name of authors whose stamp you want to add for this document. By default, your account name is added. You can add one or more author names, if required.

If you have already added other users in your account, their names appear automatically. Select the author name and these are added for this document.

Storing Options

  • Don’t Store: Select this option, if you do not want to save the document on the Stampery server, though in your account itself.
  • Store: Select this option to save, encrypt and store this document on Stampery server.

To select any of the above option, click on the respective option name.

Click on Stamp button and the page appears as below.

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